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Jurassic Block

Jurassic Block Dinosaur Fun for Kids or Adults, Look after your blocky dino and Play loads of mini games. No Ads DINOSAUR CHARACTERS Up to 9 Controllable Blocky Dinosaurs
Triceratops - Parasaurolophus - Dilophosaurus - Spinosaurus - Dimetrodon - Raptor - TyrannosaurusRex - Euoplocephalus - Velociraptor Choose to be a Dino and Explore the Jurassic Block World. Look for Food - Vegetarians eat crops and Meat Eaters hunt for Fish. GIRL/BOY KID CHARACTERS Choose your custom Character look and Enter you own personal Name. Explore the Jurassic Block World, Plant crops to feed the Vegetarian Dino's and yourself. Use your powers to revive Dino's that are laying down out of energy. GAME FEATURES Dunkleosteus Fish & Pterodactyl. Roar - Jump - Happy - Sleep - Special Move.
Look After your Energy/Water/Food & Health.
Huge open 3D Environment to roam/explore.
Quality Visuals, Soundtrack & Sounds. MINI GAMES - Each Blocky Dino has their own set of Themed Games.
Memory Game + Loads more mini games to be added soon.